Transport Equipment
UDESI transports collected waste materials using its fleet of rated ISO tanks, lorry trucks, wing vans, refrigerated vans, and dump trucks.

Storage Facilities
UDESI provides specialized storage facilities such as Refrigerated Room, Secured Storage Room, and dedicated warehouses and storage tanks.

Thermal Oxidation Facility 24h pharmacy london.
UDESI operates the first High-volume Thermal Oxidation Facility in the country with DOST and DENR approval. Our facility effectively treats highly contaminated liquids and is suited for the treatment of pharmaceutical liquids. It is also the solution to present problems of difficult-to-treat organic waste and waste water.

High Pressure/ Temperature and Vacuum Steam Sterilization for Healthcare Waste
Our sterilization system for healthcare waste utilizes waste heat recovered from the Thermal Oxidation Facility. It can effectively treat hospital and clinical wastes, syringes, and needles operating at 148 degrees Celsius and 50 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG).

Physico-Chemical and Wastewater Treatment Facility
This hazardous waste treatment facility is used for waste with cyanide, waste with organic contaminants, waste with inorganic chemicals, wastes with heavy metals, acid and alkali wastes, contaminated wastewater, and sewage waste of various volume. Our facility can accommodate up to 400 MT per day.

Polychlorinated Terphenyls (PCT) Facility
UDESI transports PCB products or chemicals to a DENR-funded facility in Subic for proper disposal.

Solidification Facility
UDESI offers solidification services to treat wastewater sludge and solid wastes containing heavy metals, such as lead, paint sludge, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, boron, selenium, and mercury. Our solidification facility has a capacity of 1MT/hour.

We also provide secured storage and destruction of expired consumer products, pharmaceutical wastes, BO materials, and trade returns with a 800 kilograms/hour capacity.

Disposal Facilities
UDESI disposes its waste materials to two DENR accredited sanitary landfill:

WACUMAN INC. is a DENR accredited sanitary landfill of about 18.8 hectares, located in Norzagaray, Bulacan.
Metro Clark Waste Management Corp. (MCWMC) is a DENR accredited sanitary landfill of about 100 hectares, located in Clark, Pampanga.

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